Pickleball FAQs

  1. What is pickleball and what are the rules?  Pickle ball is a paddle sport played similar to tennis but on a smaller court and with slightly different rules.  The rules are under the pickle ball section of our website.
  2. Which division should I sign up for?  It’s would be what’s comfortable for you. Our Monday division will be much more social and competitive players may not find this day an enjoyable.  Our Sunday league will be split up so that you are playing only teams close to your skill level so this will likely be more enjoyable for competitive players and less experienced players as well
  3. How many teams will there be? There will be 8 teams in each of the two Monday leagues and 24 teams in our Sunday league. How long will the games/matches be? Each match will be 45 minutes.  The Monday leagues will play one match per week.  The Sunday league will play 2.
  4. How do I register for my team?  Each team will have at least three players, with one player serving as team captain. If a team has only two players, a free agent (solo) registration player will be added. The captain will register on their team’s behalf and pay the registration fee in order to secure their spot in the season. Afterwards, we will send a private link to the captain, so their teammates can register, acknowledge our disclosures, and pay their fee.
  5. Can we play as a team of just 2 people?  No.  In order to include as many people as possible in the league, we are requiring teams to be a minimum of 3 people. On the registration, you have the option to select if you want a fourth player.
  6. Do my partners need to register too?  Yes, but they will be sent a private link after registration is complete.
  7. Will there be a waitlist if spots fill up? There will be a waitlist available after all the registration period have concluded, where you can sign up a team, yourself as a free agent or both.
  8. How do we decide who from the team plays each game/match?  Players will rotate out throughout the match so that all players get equal playing time on average throughout the season. It is the responsibility of team captain to ensure all teammates get equal playing time.
  9. Will there be open play? There will be open play every Friday night at Village Community School in Chelsea, the same space that our Monday leagues are using.
  10. Can I bring alcohol?  Alcohol is allowed on Sundays only.  No alcohol permitted during out Monday leagues or Friday open play.
  11. Is this indoors or outdoors?  Monday is outdoors.  Sunday is indoors
  12. What type of balls will be used? Sunday will be playing with Franklin X-40 outdoor pickle balls.  We have not yet determined which ball will be used for Monday leagues.
  13. Will there be refs?  No. Players on the court are responsible for making all line calls.
  14. What if there are disagreements on callIf there is a disagreement that cannot be settled, the point will be replayed.
  15. What if only one person from my team is available on any given week?  If you do not have at least 2 players from your team on any given week, you may bring subs.  
  16. Do you have paddles or do we need to bring our own?  We will have enough paddles for all players on the court at any given time.  
  17. Can I bring friends who aren't playing?  Yes, anyone is welcome to come watch and hang out.