Bowling Rules


  1. Logistics
    1. The Teams
  2. Gameplay
    1. Games
    2. Scoring
    3. Attendance
    4. Sportsmanship


  1. The Teams

    1. All teams will consist of seven (7) players, chosen at random.

      1. Team size may vary depending on season league size.

      2. Players may request to sign-up with one (1) “buddy” to be placed on the same team. This must be done at the time of the initial sign-up and both players must choose each other. All attempts will be made to match the two players on the same team.

    2. Teams have the opportunity to come up with a team name in the first few weeks of the season to be used throughout the remainder of the season. Team names may not be offensive or use any derogatory terms of any kind.


  1. Games

    1. Each team will play as many games as allowed in a 2-hour time frame.

    2. No other person may bowl for another person under any circumstances.

    3. No player may bowl under an absent bowler’s name on their team or any other team.

    4. Bowl on your own lane.

    5. Lane assignments are posted every week on the BARS website and at the bowling alley prior to the start of play.

    6. Bowling balls of various weights and sizes will be provided by the bowling alley, but players may also bring their own ball.

    7. All players are required to wear proper bowling shoes. Bowlers may choose to bring and wear their own bowling shoes; however, shoes will be provided for players who do not have the proper footwear.

  2. Scoring

    1. Any team with less than 7 players (or otherwise specified for the entire season) will add in an average score of 100 for each person absent that week.

    2. Any individual player whose score is lower than 100 must report the actual score received.

    3. The highest score from each individual player’s games will be used as that player’s Best Score for the week.

    4. Players found altering scores or using inaccurate scores will be warned, and if continued, possible suspension from the season may occur.

    5. Scores are posted every week on the BARS website.

  3. Attendance

    1. Any individual who does not report to bowling for the first two weeks of the season and doesn’t inform the Bowling Director and their team, will be given one opportunity to confirm they are still a player in the season. If there is no response, they will forfeit all monies paid and not be permitted to play for the remainder of the season. The next person on the waitlist will be invited to play the remainder of the season.

    2. No make-up days will be permitted for absent players.

    3. In order to have veteran status for the following season, you must attend 75% of weeks of bowling during the season. If more than 25% of weeks are missed, veteran status will not be granted to the player for the following season. Attendance will be taken.

    4. If you miss more than 50% of games within a given season, you will not be eligible to register for the next season.
  4. Sportsmanship

    1. Big Apple Recreational Sports is New York City’s non-profit, community-minded co-ed sports league for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and LGBTQI-friendly New Yorkers who want to play competitive sports in an athletic environment free of harassment, discrimination and drama. Our leagues are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all participants. To that end, all players are expected to conduct themselves with the highest level of sportsmanship.

    2. Sportsmanship is defined as: fairness and respect for one’s opponents, teams, and referees, as well as exhibiting graciousness in winning and losing.

    3. Threatening language, verbal threats, or slurs against race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or gender will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    4. If any unacceptable behavior as outlined above is observed by any member of the BARS community and found to be true after an investigation by the Director of Bowling or Bowling Operations Manager, it may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game, season or league.